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The regulations regarding where electrical components can be fitted in bathrooms and rooms containing showers have changed dramatically in recent years. Most people are not aware of the potential dangers that can exist. The picture on the left shows a boy aiming a showerhead at an extractor fan – the sort of accident that could happen and could lead to his electrocution!

There is a universal index of protection code, known as IP, followed by two numbers. The first number deals with the protection of equipment against ingress of solid bodies, whilst the second number deals with the protection against ingress of liquids. It is this second number that we are concerned with in bathrooms and shower rooms.

The IP code ranges from IP00 (no protection) to IP68 (total protection). Electrical equipment in zones 1 and 2 in bathroom and shower rooms must be rated at least IPX4 (Splash proof – liquid splashed from any direction shall have no harmful effect). IPX4 fittings in zone 1 must also be RCD protected. When buying lighting, look for this rating on the fitting. The only other type of lighting allowed in these zones is low voltage SELV fittings (Separated Extra Low Voltage). These fittings are usually 12v ac, but the mains transformer must be sited outside of zones 0,1 and 2 (maybe in the ceiling void, in the case of downlighters)

The Zones

  • Zone 0 is the bath/shower tray itself
  • Zone 1 is an area that extends directly above zone 0 by 2.25 metres
  • Zone 2 is an area that extends around the bath/shower that extends
  • 600mm from Zone 1

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