Extractor Fans

fansExtractor fans are usually used for three distinctive purposes in the domestic situation:

  • To remove moisture
  • To remove unwanted smells
  • To remove steam in kitchens

Domestic extractor fans come in a variety of sizes and designs, usually from 100mm diameter to 150mm, depending on the size of room. The bigger the fan, the faster the air is removed and replaced.

A standard fan can be switched off manually, either by a pull cord fitted to the fan, or by a wall switch.

Timed fans usually operate when light is switched on, then when the light is switched off, the fan continues to operate for a pre-set time period, usually from 5 to 30 minutes.

PIR fans operate when someone enters the room. These can also be set to overrun when the preson leaves the room. To understand how PIRs work, see the section in security lighting.

The most efficient type of fan is the “Humidistat”. This fan has a sensor that monitors the pre-set humidity of the room and switches on the fan when that setting is reached, for example, when someone has a shower. The fan will not switch off until the humidity has decreased, thus reducing that black mould associated with damp conditions. Some of these fans are also fitted with an override switch for dealing with smells rather than humidity.

The siting of the fan, especially in a kitchen, determines the size required.

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