Security Lighting

securitylightingThere are three different types of security lighting available:

Manually switched systems speak for themselves – you just turn the lights on and off as you wish.

Dusk to dawn sensors contain a photocell that monitors the light levels. Street lights have these fitted to the top. The problem with this type of security light is that the light will be on all night, wasting precious electricity when not needed.

Passive Infrared (PIR) lighting offers the best of both worlds. There is no need to manually switch them on and off, as they contain their own dusk to dawn sensor. this switches on the PIR when the light level falls, but the PIR will not turn on the light until it is activated by heat and movement, ie. from a person, animal or vehicle.

This means that you do not have to worry about turning the light off during the day and electricity is not being wasted at night when there is nobody to illuminate! PIRs also give an early warning if there is a prowler and can even put off an attempted break-in.

PIR lights come in many different types, from floodlights to ornamental fittings.

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