Smoke Detectors

smoke alarmsThe installation of mains smoke detectors is now a regulation in new builds, rewires and whenever the Building Inspector demands them during alteration works on existing dwellings/buildings and it cannot be stressed enough that they are life savers. Every household should have them.

There are several types of smoke detector. the most simple type are the the basic battery operated ones. These are easily installed with two screws and retail at around £5.00 each. When the battery starts to fail, the detector will emit a high pitched beep. The trouble with this type of detector is that the batteries do not last forever and they always give up in the dead of night!

More efficient is the mains operated type of detector, preferably with battery back up for power cuts. These can be wired into the lighting circuit, so that you would know instantly if they had been switched off. These can also be linked together, so that seconds after the first once detects smoke (say, downstairs) the others (possibly upstairs in bedrooms) also raise the alarm.

Heat detectors are ideal for protecting kitchens and garages. They, like all the others, come with a hush button for false alarm control.

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