A 17th Edition fuseboard/consumer unit provides far greater protection and is much easier to use. In addition, it is also capable of picking up earth leakage and faults that will alert you to problems that an older design would not. For instance, if you are using a faulty iron the RCD (residual current device) will trip the fuse and protect you from the fault.

Fuseboard upgrades are NOT just about an electrician coming along, getting their tools out and swapping the fuseboard over before driving off after a couple of hours. It is required as part of the Building Regulations Part P and to comply with BS7671 Wiring Regulations that every circuit connected back into the new fuseboard is tested properly and results recorded on the certificate schedule. This type of job generally should be taking a competent electrician the best part of the day. You must ensure this is what you are being quoted for as there are a lot of companies that simply do not carry out these tests and are in and out of your property in 2 hours!